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Kabbalistic Prayer
(Say Out Loud Slowly, Before Beginning Any Meditations, Or Spiritual Work).​



Check out upcoming events with Jodi Serota and her Guides. Events include multi-media concerts, lectures, sound healing and vibrational language events and crystal skull events.

Jodi Serota is one of New York's leading, life changing metaphysical educators working as a channel, vibrational healer, and professional artist. Her in-depth intuitive abilities and her remarkable sound healing powers are used to create initiations and activations that instantly make major shifts in consciousness and healing.

She offers individual channeled sessions, classes, multi-media concerts and events for consciousness raising, personal growth, & creativity. She was creator and owner of META Center New York and is co-author of the book Healing The Heart of The World.

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Channeled artwork assists and accelerates the process of healing, moving you from a state of "dis-ease" to "at-ease-ment" in the areas of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual misalignments.

Prayers & Guidance

Atay – Malkuth - Veggae Voorah - Veggae Doolah - Le Olum – Amen.

I hereby banish from my space, and this entire space, and (name any others in space), all energies that are not appropriate, and all psychic jamming, all negative emotional energies & memories that are not appropriate.

In the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit,

Atay – Malkuth - Veggae Voorah - Veggae Doolah - Le Olum – Amen.

The atmosphere around us & through us is cleansed, purified & infused with Love!
The atmosphere around us & through us is cleansed, purified & infused with Love!
The atmosphere around us & through us is cleansed, purified & infused with Love! 

Labyrinth / EventS

The Labyrinth is a 12th Century mystical tool that assists us in raising our consciousness, experiencing deep levels of healing and intuition and embodying a fuller sense of wholeness.

A Powerful Prayer Used For CLEARING:  Yourself, Your Space, Your Entire Environment & Other’s Personal Space Within, as well as where they are located. Brings in the Loving Support of The Angels & Archangels, and Messages from them, if you ask and invokes Alignment of Love Within & Throughout.

Written Phonetically…

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The Crystal Skulls are crystals that have been carved in the shape of human skulls that have been created as tools to activate consciousness and healing.


Channeled Akashic Record Readings 
Including Vibrational Sound & Light Language. They provide the
opportunity for Personal Guidance, 
Spiritual Initiations, Healing & Change.

Products / serviceS

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