Jodi Serota is a contemporary artist, channel, teacher and vibrational sound healer and was owner and creator of META Center New York. Born and raised in the New York City area, Jodi is a graduate of Syracuse University where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting. She also completed specialized studies at both the St. Martin's Academy of Fine Arts in London, England, and The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Since 1981, she has been one of the New York area's leading metaphysical educators offering both individual sessions and large group workshops and events for personal growth, consciousness raising, vibrational healing and creativity.

Jodi is a frequent guest on Manhattan Cable Television, has appeared on network radio and has been a featured speaker at numerous complementary health, healing & consciousness raising "expos". She has also been interviewed frequently for book projects, domestic and foreign magazine articles and films. 

Jodi's art career has evolved from her extensive fine arts background, through the world of high-fashion textile design to her current role as a pioneer in the field in which vibrational healing utilizes art, color, energy, channeled information and sound. Jodi's paintings usually feature acrylics on canvas or watercolors and/or mixed media on paper. She is often commissioned to create works of varying sizes for private collections, and her work has been promoted, distributed, and sold internationally. 

Her paintings have been exhibited in Syracuse, N.Y., at the Gallery 247 in Lynbrook, N.Y., at The Comic Arts Gallery and Mascot Studios, both in New York City, and at The Toucan Gallery in Washington, D.C. A number of her works have been commissioned by The City University of New York and private collections of her works are regularly displayed at the offices of The Congressional Management Foundation in Washington, D.C., at Braverman-Finkelstein in New York and in numerous private residences, nationwide in hospitals, medical spaces and varied places across the globe. 

Jodi is commissioned to create paintings and written light language as art, for individuals, environments, homes, as Feng Shui, for shifting energy for couples, occasions (such as births, marriages, engagements, birthdays, graduations, openings, holidays, etc…hospitals, medical spaces, work spaces, schools, utilizing her art as visual vibration for healing or any specific focus intended. 

In addition to her work as a professional artist, Jodi is a leader in the field of consciousness and metaphysical awareness. With over three decades of experience, Jodi is a metaphysical educator, speaker, channel and vibrational healer, and although predominately educated by her own guides, also has certifications as a 4th Degree Reiki Master, is a DMA (Technologies for Creating) Instructor, a trained Cranial Sacral Therapist, an Axiatonal Light Grid Healer, an Electro-Magnetic Restoration and Divine Intervention Practitioner. She is also a Charter Member of Art in Medical Spaces and a Member of the International Sound Healers Association.

In 2005, Jodi opened META Center New York, a center dedicated to Consciousness Raising, Healing, Personal Growth, Transformation and Creativity. The Center provided a physical space for conscious people to gather and awaken to higher teachings, to heal, grow & transform, share the wisdom and utilize heightened clarity in their own lives and out in the world.

Jodi offers individual Channeled Akashic Record Readings and Vibrational Healing Sessions and presents Vibrational Healing Concerts and Events. These concerts, which combine the visual vibration of her artwork, (projected onto large screens), with the audible vibration of vocal sound, light languages and music, have become focal points for the New York healing community to come together and experience these multi-media/multi-dimensional events as catalysts for activating consciousness and for individual and planetary healing. 

​She is also the primary promoter and presenter of New York area appearances of Max the Ancient Crystal Skull, an ancient artifact passed down by Mayan and Tibetan cultures for use in healing and consciousness activations. She creates channeled sacred ceremony events and activations with Max and is also the keeper of the unique Green Jadeite Crystal Skull, which Jodi utilizes as a tool for activating powerful healings of the heart.

Jodi Serota is a Metaphysical Educator who teaches classes, workshops and retreats on personal growth, transformation and creativity both in New York and throughout the US. If you would like to host Jodi for an event in your area, please complete the contact form.

The creation of META Center New York brought education from all aspects of Metaphysical & Holistic Teachings, along with wisdom through The Creative Arts & Science. Higher Wisdom Teachers were presented to the community through lectures, workshops, panels and varied programs. Some programs offered included active exchanges of Multi-Cultural & Indigenous Education, Inclusive Spiritual Studies from around the globe, all forms of the Arts & Music, along with Scientific Research on Healing Methods such as Vibrational Medicine. These programs were for all ages, from young children’s programs all the way through to senior citizens, all nationalities and all walks of life.​ It was designed to be all inclusive.

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