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New LIFE EXPO - OCt 21st - 23rd, 2016

Hotel Pennsylvania, 18t Floor
401 7th Ave, NYC (between 32nd/33rd St)

Vibrational Healing Panel
With Jodi Serota, Audrey Light Language, Maryanne Savino, Kate Loye, Peter Roth, Mitchell Rabin

OCt 21st, 2016
7pm, globetrotter room (lower floor)

A panel of internationally recognized experts will address what the nature of Vibrational Medicine is and what is required for true healing to occur. We are all mafe up of light, sound, energy and vibration. "Everything Vibrates". It has been said that our pattern of perfection existed long before we were born, and distortions in this energetic pattern, or gridwork, is at the heart of all states of dis-ease/ dis-harmone-y. Knowledge of our multi-dimensional/ subtle natures is the key to understanding the process that engendered them, and most importantly, how to re-establish balance. We will explore what major healing systems have in common, and how an understanding of these commonalties can only increase their effectiveness and overall success and remove any blockages that we may have.  

Admission $10 plus purchase of Day Pass.

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New Earth Integration For Peace, 
Wholeness & Manifestation

With Jodi Serota

OCt 22nd, 2016
3pm, zurich room (6th floor)

Enjoy a Channeled Sacred Sound Ceremony Infusion of Vibrational Downloads Igniting Codes of Remembrance, assisting in living more peacefully as spirit in the physical on The New Earth. Trigger your Soul Blueprint to emerge fully and receive guidance and energy frequencies from the Galactic Federation. This will assist in remembering, regrouping, collecting, embodying and utilizing your Earth and Starry lineage to accept & live your soul's true essence, and fully manifest everything you're entitled to co-create on Earth. 

Admission free with purchase of Day Pass.