Activations & Initiations 

For Becoming Multi-Dimensional Humans
March - April 2018

Channeled by Jodi Serota

Multi-dimensional waves of frequency are being felt more tangibly now, as transmissions from the cosmos are igniting awakenings of higher consciousness for all. These higher frequencies vibrate at accelerated rates that are much different than that of 3D existence. Some people are being ignited instantly, feeling embraced by love and light, while others are going through difficulty making necessary changes for higher conscious living.
Some are feeling emotionally depressed, in stress, having sensations of loss & separation, feeling alone, fearful & in despair. Mentally, many are experiencing repetitive, negative thought-forms, feeling unstable, confused or undergoing brain chemistry imbalances. Physically, many are ill and in states of dis-ease.
These activations taking place are actually catalyzing the remembrance of innate codes of higher wisdoms, which are already present within and just need to be recognized, embraced & utilized in everyday life. All the uncomfortable lingering feelings & thought-forms from multiple lifetimes are finally surfacing to be completely transmuted or released. The identification of energetic charges from negative circumstances that are not authentic support systems, must be cleared so a genuine alignment of self can emerge.
The opening of the heart gives everyone a tangible experience of the Divine within & without, feeling the connection to all consciousness on all dimensions. It is necessary to be accepting of the full human experience of spirit in physical form. This opening of love & compassion assists in the acceptance of self & others, all as humans, inhabiting the Earth simultaneously. In the recognition that we are all Divine beings, a better quality of life can be received, and illusions of suffering are dissolved, just by the all-inclusive frequency of love. 
Typically, one Ascends through a physical death to gain a conscious overview of the understanding of wisdoms that had been available to receive through living in the human experience. Currently on Earth, opportunities for change to bridge us to enlightenment can be achieved by moving through the "Death of Karma", rather than physical deaths. We now have opportunities to make necessary changes through soul growth, while living newly awakened lives on Earth, within the same lifetime. In order to grow and evolve, one must make the inevitable changes in order to be the New Human on The New Earth.   
Many feel they are racing against time, because the new energies transmitted into the planet are heightened and quickened frequencies. Some are opening to their soul commitments of personal and planetary missions, feeling the desire to finish what they came to partake in and complete. Being on Earth at this time is a higher, celebrated, sacred choice. Opening the heart center fully, emanating love and compassion, is the key to feeling connected, safe, whole, aware, supported, stabilized, loved, and at peace.
As we are all being Initiated and Activated, remembering our Innate Divine Blueprints of Mastery, we're being upgraded, revitalized and regenerated for a more awakened, multi-dimensional life experience on planet Earth.  

Know you are guided and loved and making a beautiful difference just being!    



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