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The annual full harvest moon youthing ceremony


Jodi Serota & her guides

Friday, sept 16th, 2016

Come join us as we discuss and re-create an ancient ritual from the heart of Africa handed down by Shamans, Curanderos and Medicine People, which actually reverses the effects of the passage of time on the physical body.
There is only "one night" of the year (the Night of the Full Harvest Moon) during which the energies of the Moon and Earth meet in such a way that Physical Youthing can occur. Join us in this Sacred Ceremony for turning back the clock of aging and becoming young again. In addition, you'll experience a channeled transmission of vibrational sound to clear limiting thought forms, perceptions, beliefs and expectations that contribute to the degeneration of the body through the aging process.
Experience the past, present and future simultaneously, and receive an alignment of the Divine Presence & the Physical Body that will assist in rejuvenating, healing and "youthing" your entire system. All are welcome!

LOCATION: Goddard Riverside Community Centre, 647 Columbus Ave, NY. 

(between West 91st & 92nd Sts.)
FEE: $27 Paid in advance via Eventbrite, or $33 cash only at door. (Non Refundable). 

CONTACT: 212-736-0999 for more information & to reserve your seat.

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The wisdom & truths of the mamos

presented by

Jodi Serota & Alan Steinfeld

Tuesday, sept 6th, 2016

With all of love, we invite you for A SPECIAL GATHERING WITH THE MAMOS. Mamos are the spiritual leaders and shamans from the HEART OF THE WORLD (the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia). They have kept their knowledge of the higher worlds secret from the rest of humanity for over 500 years, but now they feel it is time to share it.
During this divine heart gathering Mamo Menjwin and Mamo Dwawiku will:

  • Balance your energy, the energy of New York City and the whole world.
  • Give a Special Blessing from the other realms, in their native language, that will activate the divine knowledge. 
  • Create a shift in awareness that will aid you on your divine path.  
  • Share for the first time anywhere their process of their spiritual education.  

In their presence you will experience the purity of consciousness, because of the years of purification they must go through in order to be part of this lineage.As a young child they spend up to 8 years living in darkness to find their spiritual communication with the Earth and all the invisible spiritual forces, guardians, and the higher consciousness in all life. In this process they learn to read all energies of the 9 dimensions above and 9 dimensions below. The Mamo's sole purpose is to carry the love and enlightened wisdom for full communication with all of life. Their daily ceremonies, prayers and service are for the balance of the dark and light energies and the masculine and feminine of the world.  
LOCATION: Goddard Riverside Community Centre, 647 Columbus Ave, NY

(between West 91st & 92nd Sts.)
FEE: $25 via Eventbrite or Cash at the Door.
CONTACT: 212-736-0999 for more information & to reserve your seat.