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"The abundance ceremony"


With Qala Sri'ama & Jodi Serota

Wednesday, AUGUST 17th, 2016

Abundance is the capacity to receive not only what you need, but enough to give and share with others. You may have an abundance of love, yet lack in your abundance of light or wisdom. You may have an abundance of joy, yet lack in your abundance of money. You may have an abundance of friends, but lack in your abundance of resource. Everyone can grow in their abundance yet they often have limitations in some areas, because of their abundance consciousness holding old limitations. From lifetime to lifetime, we have had experiences as a soul and our abundance consciousness and manifestation of abundance in this life is determined by all the agreements we have made through all of our lifetimes. 
Qala is coming to New York to bring the Enlightened Dispensations to assist all with their abundance consciousness. The Abundance Ceremony is a divine process guided by the Enlightened Ones, to support the freedom of humanity from the struggle they experience in not having enough. This is a mentality that is in the group consciousness of humanity that creates many of our world problems. 
Qala is seeking all those who wish to release the bonds over their mind, created by negative agreements around abundance, which have been made to close one's mind to the higher light thought forms of Abundance Thinking. 
Visitations from Enlightened Ones, will support all present to be placed in chambers of light, that re-orient the brain's neuronic pathways and will light up new pathways of consciousness within the brain.  Encodements of Higher Thought Transmissions will be infused into your mind, based on your words during the Abundance Ceremony.  

Qala will guide you through the 90-minute ceremony, as Jodi Serota channels the light language sound streams into the field to activate the Chambers of Light, to fill each person's chakras with the frequency of Abundance consciousness. You will be guided to break every ancient agreement you may have made that negates your Abundance Consciousness and Universal Dispensations will be given to you, so you may do your higher purpose or highest work in life.  

If you attend, you will have the chance to do some great work towards awakening our collective, as each person who attends will be invited to represent their family, community and fellow humanity, in the Ceremony.  

Venue: 150 W 28th Street, Suite 303, between ­­6th & 7th Avenues, Manhattan, NY  
Empowerment Exchange: $25.00 - Cash only at the door

Contact: Kathryn Elaine ~ El'Qui'Eeshah at: infiniteheart@optonline.net

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