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Vibrational Healing-Light Language Panel - New Life Expo

Alan Steinfeld moderated the panel with (from left to right) Starr Fuentes, Jodi Serota, Kate Anjahlia Loye, Maryanne Savino, and Audrey Lightlanguage.

Jodi Serota Shares a Prayer. 

Recorded by Andrew Kaen

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The Power of Three - Jodi Serota - Heaven

Jodi leads attendees through a group channeling and guided transmutative vibrational multidimensional sound activation, healing and initiation, allowing you to explore the higher realms of existence.

A special ceremony with Max and the Green Jadeite Crystal Skulls, led by the "Hierarchies of Light" channeled through Jodi Serota, igniting everyone to live divine truth as masters of consciousness. This experiential ceremony will assist in reclaiming and actualizing full mastery to manifest miracles of the Divine through each of us on Earth.

Enjoy a channeled vibrational concert of higher guidance, sound, and light language transmissions. This will trigger the release of old energetic seals within that are inhibiting enlightenment and causing suffering. Recall the innate consciousness codes of your DNA Strands and bring forth Divine expression on the physical plane, ending all perceptions of limitation.

Click on the video on the right to hear Jodi's interview with Ariella Indigo.

Recorded by The Bridge of Truth

UFO Experts Talk About The Range of Contact Experiences. From the New Realities & META Center Film Festival 2013 showing of the the Film, Hidden Hand by James Carman. Jodi Serota asks a question about the wide ranging nature of the contact experience to the panel of UFO experts hosted by Alan Steinfeld with Dr. JJ Hurtak and Richard Dolan.

Recorded by New Realities

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