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2 Separate Evenings 
For Groups of 8 People Only
with Jodi Serota & Her Guides

Thursday, Feb. 8th OR Tuesday, Feb 13th
6:15pm - 9:15pm
(Must arrive at 6pm sharp)

Come join us in a small group of only 8 people where Jodi will channel pertinent information & healing for those present. During these evenings, as part of the collective dynamic, "special channeled messages or mini readings" will be given for each individual in the group. 

These Channeled Evenings will assist everyone through this time of massive transitions. We're all witnessing and experiencing major shifts on our planet and our individual & collective consciousness is being heightened, expanded and refined. 

Many are going into old patterns of fear, limitation, illness, confusion, and separation. Others are growing rapidly and expanding their intuitive abilities, with their innate gifts being revealed. Some have little understanding of how to utilize their fuller knowing in a world where not everyone embodies, understands, or accepts these heightened experiences and gifts. 

Join us in these very special evenings assisting in re-calibrating & re-aligning the physical & etheric systems, and anchoring "The Divine Presence" more fully into the body. Embrace the All Inclusive Frequency of Love & Live the Sacredness of the Divine, Always! ALL ARE WELCOME!

Pre-register and pay in advance to secure your space, as these groups are limited to only 8 people. ***You're welcome to attend more than one group*** And, Feel free to create your own group of 8.

$125 per person/per group (Non-refundable) 
Must be paid in advance to hold your space.

Click here to reserve your place. 
Location in Manhattan - To be announced when registering.