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Windham Hotel New Yorker 
481 8th Ave. at 34th St. NYC

New Earth - New Human - New World
with Jodi Serota

Sunday, March 19th, 2017 - 2pm  Gramercy Park Room, 3rd Floor

You're Here On Earth For A Reason. Higher frequencies are now being transmitted into the planet & your body. You're being initiated into 5th dimensional heart/love vibration. Earth is stepping up to new levels & inhabitants are also rapidly awakening. Your determination to know your purpose/mission is essential. Personal changes are required, simultaneously effecting global & multidimensional realms. Experience channeled guidance, activations of vibrational sound & light languages, preparing & setting your inner tone for manifestation of being intentional, in making a difference!
Admission free with purchase of Day Pass.
For information and to purchase tickets, visit www.NewLifeExpo.com

Vibrational Healing Panel 
with Jodi Serota, Mitchell Rabin, Peter Roth, Lai Ubberud, Kate Loye, 
Maryanne Savino, Peter Schnell, Mark David

Friday,  March 17th, 2017 - 8pm Sutton Place Room, 3rd Floor