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I've known Jodi since about 1982 in New York. I have taken her classes and workshops, had many channeled readings, attended her events, reveled in her channeled sound healings, experienced her fabulous META Center and have enjoyed her beautiful self immensely all these years! Her guidance has helped me expand my life in more ways than I can describe. I will continue to connect with her always, as she is a driving force on the leading edge and never fails to deliver just what I need!   

Nina Port, Los Angeles

I have participated in events, attended Concerts, and experienced Vibrational Sound Healing, Light Language, Crystal Skull work and personal Akashic Record Healing work with Jodi over a 20 year time span. Her work is bringing us all collectively and individually to our own personal evolution in this New Earth. 

Personally, her healing work has changed my life permanently. She has brought me home to my true self. She has helped me know & experience the God within myself. I have experienced all kinds of healing work from various professionals in the course of my seeking healing and truth for myself. No one is doing this work.

I recently saw Oprah speaking to Shirley Maclaine.  Oprah was telling her she was a Spiritual trailblazer. I believe Jodi is the trailblazer for our new reality, our New Earth. I feel blessed to have found her. We are all so lucky that she is here on the planet to help all of us evolve! Many Blessings to you Jodi!  

Mary Ivers, Mahwah, NJ

I’ve known Jodi & have attended her amazing events at META Center for many years. I’m grateful for her leadership role in our NYC community!  

Meryl Brinin


​Jodi has done readings and healings for me over many years. Sometimes when I have been in an awkward situation or feeling down, I arbitrarily select a reading from the past and listen to it. It amazes me that every time I do that it deals with the exact relevant issue.

Jodi Serota is a true living master she, through her guides, has assisted my growth and elevated my conscious awareness. I often think her work is a form of accelerated psycho- therapy.  

Carol Nathan Levin, South Africa

The thing that makes Jodi an extraordinary healer is that her guidance allows Jodi to emit the highest frequencies of love to be transmitted to the recipient or to groups. Her effectiveness is in the amount of love she brings through for people. It doesn’t get any higher than her.


AMAZING! ACCURATE! Info Delivered with A Lot of Love & Patience! Dell Long 

I’ve known and worked with Jodi for over 25 years. She was my first metaphysical teacher. Jodi has abilities unlike anybody else that I’ve witnessed. She is utterly unique unto herself. In her channeled intuitive readings, with her amazing clarity, she zeros in on the exact underlying issues for what needs to be dealt with in that moment, and brings forth the bigger picture so it all makes sense. She literally has been a lifesaver on several occasions with physical illnesses and has intervened and saved me from going to the hospital. She’s also grounded me during traumatic situations in my life.

What really sets her apart from others is that she’s proven continuously to always come from the highest of integrity, highest vibration and from the purest of hearts. Her full commitment to her life’s work of service to others is always apparent. Her channeled Vibrational Sound & Light Languages are truly something to experience. They get you out of your head & they instantly release blocks & traumas, bypassing your intellect and work on a whole different level. The vibrations go right to where the blocks are and even if you don’t understand the languages they create an incredible healing. 

Ellen, California

Jodi Serota is a gifted channel and healer. My sessions with her have been very powerful, healing and enlightening. She begins by channeling information to help me understand what’s going on in my life and where I am blocked. Jodi helps me see clearly and from a different perspective. During the session she uses her remarkable gift as a sound healer to clear negative energy and ground the frequencies that support me. I always feel seen, heard and healed after each session. Her voice is a gift from above and has a magical quality that transforms me. Thank you, Jodi.

Jean Worth, NYC, US

Jodi Serota, “Superb Songbird” and “Healer Extraordinaire” offers unparalleled multimedia healing events in which she unites her talent as an artist with her sound healing technique. The combination of the visual vibration of color, along with the audible vibration of the multidimensional sound creates a synesthetic affect, which increases conscious awareness and provides opportunity for profound healing. I simply cannot recommend Jodi, her unique gifts for healing or her exceptional events more highly.  

MJ Sawyer, New York, NY

I have had the privilege of working with Jodi several times. Her insights and wisdom helped provide me with clarity and direction. Our work together allowed me to deal with several areas in my life where I felt stuck. I am grateful to have been on the receiving end of her special gifts!  Xo  

Steven, New Jersey  

Jodi Serota's work is at the forefront of the metaphysical world. I have experienced her readings, healings and energy work, spanning over a period of thirty years--and have never been disappointed. She is extremely intelligent, kind and intuitive. Sessions with her have been catamount in assisting me in my every day life as well larger life issues that we all must face. Jodi is extremely balanced and sensible as well, which makes me feel completely comfortable working with her. I have recommended her to many people over the years, all of whom have been forever grateful. 

Lori Weitzner, New York