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What is Vibrational language?
Light Languages are combinations of energies from before karmic patterning began, meaning before humans even inhabited the Earth. These languages are frequencies from the Earth plane, the Planets, Stars Systems and Beyond the Beyond. Upon hearing these various inter-dimensional languages, your codes of consciousness are activated to awaken and remember yourself as a multi-dimensional being living on the Earth Plane. When hearing the languages spoken, sung or visually seeing them written, the effect assists in triggering the remembrance of your true innate gifts, helps with accelerating healing, and assists in activating the embodiment of your original blueprint of wisdom, truth & wholeness.

Audible Light Language   
By hearing these spoken or sung languages, these powerful frequencies, activate your codes of your soul’s consciousness, found within the DNA of your cells. These cosmic/galactic frequency languages accelerate healing and the awakening of your higher heart for connection to all consciousness on the Earth, in the Earth and beyond the Earth. Through experiencing these Languages of Light, greater expansion & embodiment of your soul in physical form occurs along with a quickening of your personal growth and enhanced alignment of living your absolute truth with greater ease. 

Visual Light Language 
As an artist, I also use visual tools for similar intentions. Written vibrational languages come through in my art, as well as in the form of written scripts from the cosmos, for specific intentions. The art is intended to infuse the viewer with Light Language Codes created for individuals and the masses. I’m guided to create frequency charged vibrational paintings infused with light, color, geometric patterning, textures along with specific added light languages as visual codes that have deep, alchemical effects, just by viewing the art.

Enjoy the miraculous experiences of Vibrational Light Language as extremely powerful, long lasting activations & initiations creating long-term effects just through audible, visual and kinesthetic vibration.


• Rejuvenation & Regeneration of Cells
• Overall Healing
• Awakens Codes of Consciousness
• Embodiment of Your Innate Blueprint Of Wisdom & Truth
• Transmutes Trauma, Erroneous Belief Systems & Outdated Thought-Forms or Illusions
• Balances & Aligns Body, Mind & Spirit
• Sooths, Calms, Relaxes
• Ignites Original Healthy Cell Memory
• Activates Recognition of Innate Gifts, Purpose & Wholeness
• Clears Energetic Charges from Karmic Influences
• Assists In Movement Forward
• Stimulates Opening Of The Higher Heart For True Connection To All
• Expands Intuition
• Stimulates Greater Sensory Perception
• Initiates Creativity
• Helps Remember, Experience & Express Self, As A Multi-Dimensional Being.