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"The Day Out Of Time" 
Preparation For the Galactic New Year 2017
Jodi Serota & Alan Steinfeld
6.30pm - 9:30pm

The Day Out Of Time The Mayan Calendar, known by the Maya as the Tun Uc or Moon Count is a 13-Moon Calendar and was devised by the Mayan Time-keepers, the Jaguar Priests. The calendar measures the year in 13 even months of 28 days each; a perpetual calendar of 52 perfect weeks, making a total of 364 days. With this Mayan Harmonic Time Standard, we usher in Galactic New Years Day on July 26th, and the day before that, JULY 25th, is the 365th day of the year on this 13-Moon Calendar. That day actually falls between the end of one calendar year and the beginning of the next, so July 25th is known as THE DAY OUT OF TIME as it literally is not a day of the week or day of the month at all.  
The Day Out Of Time has been celebrated worldwide since 1992 as part of a growing World Peace Movement. For this reason, this special day is observed as the day to cancel all debts, pardon and forgive and to celebrate life through art and nature. It's a day to experience true freedom...a time to ground the consciousness of and truly manifest unlimited prosperity and abundance as we usher in Galactic New Years Day on July 26th!! 

On this day, honored by both the Egyptians and Mayan cultures, the Star Sirius rises with the Sun and a portal of creative potential is activated as we cross the Galactic Equator. What did they know that we have yet to learn?

This Very Special Event will include: Ceremonies of Forgiveness, Healing Through Vibrational Sound, Art, Working with Multidimensional Realms, Cancelling Debts so that all beings can have the opportunity of Beginning the New Time Unburdened, and Re-Harmonizing with Natural Time. In addition, there will be Guided Experiences Unveiling Creative Potentials for Divine Life Missions.

Please join us for this very special Global Peace Through Culture Event. Reservations are highly recommended. Please register now!

New York New Church, 114 East 35th Street,  New York, NY 10016. (At Park & 35th St.) 
$25 in advance via Eventbrite or $33.00 cash only at the door.  Or Call 212-736-0999.

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